I’m Kim, and I’m a survivor.

Typically, when people hear those words, they think cancer. And in my case, they’re right-I am a cancer survivor. Here’s the thing. I was a survivor long before I fought cancer! I have this theory that we’re all survivors. If we continue to “plod on.” That’s all it takes!

I’ve always been a “tough cookie” and pretty resilient in most circumstances. Life is an adventure, a journey, a puzzle, a mystery to solve. But it’s also tough. And a little imagination, a lot of laughter, and tons of love will make it so much more bearable.

As a psychology major, I understand the huge impact that our mind has on our lives. I’d like to share my stories about everyday life, survival stuff, in an effort to remind you that we all feel the same, and we’re all in this together! My very first blog post will tell you why I started this blog…basically, it was a gift!

So….what about me? These are a few things you will probably hear running through the threads of my stories…..

My three kids…Jessica, Andrew , and Matthew spells JAM, and they’re pretty much the sweetest thing in my life!


Running…I started running to celebrate my cancer survival, I’ve now crossed the finish line of four marathons! My ultimate goal is to run the Boston Marathon!


School… I’m a mature student, pretty much a nice way of saying I’m old! I’m in my senior year, psychology major, science degree. I LOVE psychology! It’s helped me sort out a lot of stuff in my life, and I’m convinced that we all need a therapy session or two every now and then.

Happiness… I think, for the most part, we choose our happiness. I’ll probably spend a lot of time trying to redirect your focus in the direction of happiness, joy, laughter, that kind of stuff. It changes everything. Whether you’re sitting in a chemo lab or sitting in traffic, you can find the good in something. Always. You’ll randomly find 5 things to be happy about in my posts!

Cancer… I’m a cancer survivor and a big believer that we should all use our experiences to encourage others. I’ve walked in those shoes, and if my experiences can help even one … Awesomeness!


I’ve survived the eighties, birthing and raising twins, divorce, ex-communication, and cancer … just to name a few. And you’ll likely hear about all these at some point! I’d love to share with you my survival kit- books, psychology, running, and yoga. And I’d like to share your survival stories, this is my ultimate goal

Because we’re survivors … all of us!

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